Thunderbolt is one of the most recent technologies invented for connecting external devices to your computer and is currently replacing Firewire (1394) which is the standard connection when it comes to audio recording interfaces and pro video devices. Thunderbolt cables from are designed in such a way that it daisy chains up to 6 devices and offers 10 watts of power to the connected devices. Thunderbolt 3 provides 15 to 100 watts of power. It resolves the computer cable clutter which annoys more as there is any increase in the computer devices. It can be daisy chained with 6 Thunderbolt devices of various types, ranging from external hard drives, to high end audio interfaces, to high definition monitors, to expansion chassis, to docks, to hubs etc.

Many audio and video experts are the proud owners of Firewire devices and many of the audio and video devices are still being manufactured with Firewire connectors, but these devices are now gradually switching to Thunderbolt. Now as the latter is more of the new technology when compared to Firewire and USB devices.

Thunderbolt 2 versus Firewire 800

Nothing holds a candle to Thunderbolt 2. It is faster and sends the data in the same way like the Firewire. Thunderbolt is again truly daisy chainable. But it is quite new and prone to many quick changes. Now as the Thunderbolt 3 is out, it is deemed compatible with Thunderbolt 2 or Thunderbolt utilizing a Thunderbolt 3 to its adapter.

But, now there are many Firewire devices available in the market. When Thunderbolt 2 release, the PC motherboard makers chose to need separate Thunderbolt 2 cards to access the Thunderbolt. Besides this, the user will also have to purchase a motherboard which is compatible with Thunderbolt 2 cards. You can choose to install a Ti1394 Firewire card to any PC motherboard. So, Firewire is still widely available for audio and video work as well and as it is cheap and convenient at the same time. Motherboard makers are now embracing the Thunderbolt 3 more than the Thunderbolt 2 as the speed is much faster than its predecessor and has many features and compatibility.

Thunderbolt 3 is also capable of supporting external graphics support, dual 4k video support, single cable docking along with charging, and 10 GB/s Ethernet. Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt Networking also bridges the small workgroups and making PC migration as well.

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