IAM refers to Identity access management or it is simply referred to as identity management. This allows enterprises to expand or buildup rules to define digital identities in timely fashion for the right circumstances. Besides, setting rules for user access, IAM tools also includes software to assist business owners in managing this process using a computer.

IAM tool provides authorization, authentication, and file storage methods such as:

  • On site data storage or in the cloud
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Sign-on as single

A very important IAM element is role-based access consisting of clearly assigned access privileges based on the job function performance of an employee.


IBM’s IAM features comprises of strategy, design, and implementation access the tools of management based on cloud identity services. The comprehensive solutions include automated access management to assist enterprises to manage an identity cycle. IBM offers insider threat protection and multi-factor authentication services.   The special features of IAM include:

  • Access management
  • User provisioning
  • Managed security services
  • User activity compliance
  • Identity governance
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Enterprise single sign-on 

Why IAM tool? 

IBM chooses IAM tool as it provides a value-for-money solution transforming the user business model such that it allows achieving business objectives and improving the cost efficiency overall. IBM is an industry leader featuring the capabilities of tradition and innovation. Therefore, many businesses opt to choose it as the identity access management tool featuring all-in-one, as it reduces the insider threat risks and identity fraud, it also helps in managing regulatory compliance and improves automatic collaboration among the users.

Businesses designing and implementing complex IAM strategies definitely require strong support and are the best suited to use this tool. As IBM offers strategic and deployment solutions, in case an enterprise has an IAM problem and is not aware of how to resolve, IBM’s IAM tool is sure to help. The powerful compliance elements ascertain working in a controlled regulatory framework.


Oracle Identity Management is like a basic model and also includes multiple advanced features. There are identity access management, identity governance, internet directory, and unified directory.

Oracle IAM 

Oracle IAM system features robust security capabilities for mobile, web, and cloud access, besides software architectures highly customizable. This aspect allows depending on the built-in features of the system, while it allows choosing at the same time from multiple variations that is applicable applied on enterprise level. Precisely, Oracle has amazing flexibility with respect to client control terms over the system’s data and features.

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