Getting started on a web designing process can be daunting when you have not organized the things you need for the same. The hardest part about website design is capturing the idea or the vision from the client’s head and making something tangible out of it. This can be hard when you don’t have the things you need in order to accomplish it.

  1. The logo and brand guideline

First things first. For the maximum effectiveness, it is essential to integrate a brand logo within their website. So what elements could you understand from the client’s logo? In other words, it could be colors, brand styles, shapes, and font choices. These very elements will be very helpful for you to define the actual style that will be compatible with the brand and what the client needs. They will also be impressed that you tool all your time and effort to organize it in a systematic way.

  1. Client’s goals

The goals of the website are deemed the meat of the website. The goals are the most essential aspect when it comes to website design Joondalup as this is what client expects from you as you are a designer. The meat of the website refers to the bulk of information and the page elements incorporated into the site. Elements are referred to the blocks of information or actions a user takes in order to create a CTA, products, services, portfolio, events, calendars, ticket system, reservation, about us etc.

Here are the things you should ask a client in the first meeting?

  1. Why do they want a new website?
  2. Who is their target audience?
  3. What problems do your clients solve for the customers?
  4. Why people should interact with you rather than with your competitors?
  5. What you don’t want to incorporate on the website?
  6. Can you mention some sites in your very industry that you personally like?

The gist is to align the client goals with the website elements. Seek creative ways to solve the issues the client is having and help them thrive.

  1. Imagery

It is all about giving the website a personality. Imagery helps in evoking an emotion and how great your product or service is and strut that your clients are super happy. Many clients don’t prefer to get photography done for their website, we recommend them to go for it because stock images are too common and used by everyone. We seek to accomplish uniqueness and portray company’s personality and that can never be achieved by stock images.

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