Outsourcing digital marketing requirements is a common practice among firms in Singapore. In fact, most businesses around the world like prefer outsourcing work to an agency, opposed to hiring an in-house team of marketing experts. While Singaporean agencies have a good name, choosing one can be tricky. Below are 7 tips that will help with your choice!

  • Know your marketing goals. Unless you know your objectives, it is hard to choose between marketing services. List down your priorities and make sure that you discuss these aspects before selecting a firm.
  • Make a shortlist. References are still handy when it comes to finding companies for digital marketing Singapore. You can also check online to find agencies that have been rated well by other customers.
  • Know their expertise. Online marketing is a mix of many things, such as SEO, search engine marketing, email marketing, social media promotions, content marketing and much more. Can the concerned agency deal with everything?
  • Ask for a quote. As obvious as it may sound, you need an estimate for the job in advance. This can be inclusive of everything, or certain promotional techniques can be charged additionally. The quote is effective for comparing companies, but don’t choose the lowest price, unless you have checked other things.

  • Check the service agreement. Digital marketing firms in Singapore will typically charge a monthly fee for the project, but make sure that you check the terms and conditions of the service in detail. You need to understand if there are any lapses that may affect your relationship.
  • Seek references. Let’s say that company A claims to be the most effective and known digital agency in Singapore, but do they have enough clients? If they do, they will never away from sharing details of their projects and clients.
  • Ask questions. Are you licensed? How many projects do you handle at the moment? What’s the individual experience of the staff members working on my project? Will you offer regular reports on the work? Do you offer any assurance on your services?

Finally, check if the concerned agency can deal with website design requirements. In most cases, agencies suggest changes in websites, and if you have the budget, it is better to design the portal from the scratch. Also, ask them about the strategies they are going to use, with a list of pros and cons. Being blunt and honest is the best way to approach a company.

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