An essential aspect of any web design is crafting an engaging user experience. So, your website homepage must act as a compelling gateway that boosts further engagement with your brand. Good website design is scaled by the impression that it makes on the website’s visitors. One of the best ways to make your visitors stay is transforming your website from beautiful to both beautiful and functional.

Here we’ve listed a few best practices to follow to create a look that encourages your website visitors to improve further interaction with the brand.

Brand & Image

Remember the cliché “A picture is worth a thousand words?” It’s not far from the truth! Capturing the essence of your brand with a powerful visual can have a significant impact on the minds of your audiences. No matter what your company is focusing on, whether it is fun, elegance, affordability or quality, ensure that these qualities are on full in the brand image you are choosing.

Visual and Word Count Balance

Text in every page of your website is an essential aspect of Albuquerque SEO and can tell the search engine users its relevance. This will make it easier to get your page ranked high in the search results. When it comes to your home page, less text is more than enough to boost engagement.

According to the recent research reports, “the best performing home pages in the search results have an average word count of 605 words.” So, when you are designing the home page break your text into digestible chunks by making use of white space, links, images, and navigation bars. The goal of web design in Albuquerque is to create a beautiful looking webpage that encourages visitors to engage further in knowing more about your business.

Easy to Use

Create navigation bars to include the right kind of navigation to your website. You can also make navigation simpler by making more usage of white space, creating drop-down menus, and more. Also, make sure to add the navigation bar in an easily located place where your visitors have easy access. You can also include information such as store opening and closing hours, contact details and customer support to get your visitors to contact you easily.

Readable Font

Obviously, it is tempting to impress your audience with fancy fonts in the mission to stand out from your competitors. But, the best way to impress your visitors is by using traditional, readable fonts that are easier to read and understand.

Working with professional SEO services in Albuquerque helps you to design your website in a more user-friendly manner and ensure that the font you use is more understandable.

Wrapping Up

With the right combination of basic best practices and fundamental brand-specific elements, you can create an appealing webpage that encourages your visitors to stay and learn more about your service.

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